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Version 3.0.2
Release date: 16.11.2018

26 MB - include updates and bug fixes.

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  • Fix: premium theme issue with activation
  • New: Pinterest widget
  • New: Title shortcode

Smart APP - Version: 2.0

  • Fix: Theme panel sub menu option color
  • Misc: better support for block templates in the core of the theme. In the near future we will add block templates. Each block template comes with a different design for a block.
  • Misc: added the image block as a widget so it can be used on sidebars from now on
  • Misc: the inline ad now shows up at the end of the article if the article has less paragraphs than the setting for the inline ad.
  • Misc: WPML support via .po .mo files

Smart APP - Version: 1.9

  • Misc: the Social Networks panel now checks each input to be correct, this prevents user error and bad URL's that supposed to go to social networks profiles but instead go to 404 pages on the site
  • Misc: we removed the max-width from srcset on images and the responsive images on mobile now work as expected
  • New: we added this release notes section to better describe what you are downloading
  • New: The Plugin Page from where a user installs the included plugins was completely redesigned to be more user friendly.
  • New: added support for block templates overwritten via the Theme API system in demos. All future demos can now load different block templates if needed.
  • New: the comment form is now validated with javascript. This was a long requested feature and we are very happy how it turned out.
  • New: 15 Footer templates
  • New: Weather shortcode & top bar widget
  • New: Exchange shortcode
  • New: 9 Social counter styles
  • New: Top bar, main menu, header, background header, instagram, footer full width option
  • New: News ticker shortcode
  • New: Video playlists shortcodes
  • New: 16 Single images styles
  • New: 17 Header block templates
  • New: Megamenu pagination
  • New: Header background option

26 MB - include updates and bug fixes.